Spring Leagues FAQs - Hook & Fade
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Spring Leagues FAQs

Are there any other fees on top of the league membership?

There are no other fees! The $250 covers the one time Golfzon Membership card and all 6 weeks of appointment times.

What is the Golfzon Membership card and Golfzon Mobile App and why do I need them for the leagues?

The Golfzon Membership card is necessary for tracking player stats and for ease of logging into the system, especially useful for calculating player handicap. The mobile app is called the Golfzon Mobile App and it tracks your playing statistics, practice, and saved swings.

Do I need a handicap?

You do not need a handicap, but it is recommended that you report a reasonable handicap before you play your first league game. A trend handicap will be automatically calculated for you after every game. If you are playing as a beginner in a scramble, you will not need a handicap, but it will be tracked and calculated for scoring purposes.

What game format are we expected to use?

Each game will be 9 holes of regular stroke play with Stableford scoring which counts points for every score; bogey and lower.

I don’t have a team, can I still participate?

Anyone can play, and a team is not necessary to compete and have fun!

Does it cost extra to warm-up prior to league play?

It does not cost extra to warm-up prior to league play. League appointment times include warm-up time and allotted time to golf the 9 holes.

Do I have to be an experienced golfer to participate in the leagues?

You do not have to be an experienced golfer to participate in the leagues! We have different groups that will have similar experience levels so everyone will be able to play and compete at their own comfort level!

When do leagues get to play?

League members can play at any time Tuesday – Thursday.

Is there a league championship?

The winner of each league level will be determined by the total number of points acquired based on Stableford scoring. There will also be a league tournament after the conclusion of each season that will provide an alternative way to compete against each other. Anyone in the current league or succession league is able to sign-up for the tournament.

Are there prizes or pay-outs?

Yes, there are prizes and pay-outs for each league and they vary each month depending on sponsors! Prizes will be announced to all leagues at the start of the league.

What do I do if I can only play a certain amount of weeks?

If you miss a week and a featured golf course, you must play the next featured golf course that week. There is a possibility that a make-up round can be played, but this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to leagues@hookandfade.com if you have any questions about missing dates.

Do I need to schedule my tee times?

It is highly encouraged that you schedule your tee time beforehand to ensure that we have a bay available for you.

How long should I schedule my tee time for?

Tee times for leagues should be scheduled for 90 minutes EXCEPT doubles teams should schedule for 120 minutes.

Do I have to bring my own clubs for the League?

You are encouraged to bring your own clubs for League so that our clubs can be used for other patrons.

Hours of operation

CLOSED Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Sunday: 10am-6pm

Monday: Reservations only – Schedule your tee time HERE

Tuesday-Thursday: Noon-8 pm

Friday: Noon-10pm

Saturday: 10am–10pm


There is a convenient underground parking ramp located just one block away from Hook & Fade at 122 W. Doty Street (the corner of S. Hamilton Street and W. Doty Street)

  • Weekday Hourly Rate: $1 per 20 mins./$20 max.
  • Weekday Evenings (after 4 p.m.): $3 flat fee
  • Weekends: $5 flat fee